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3636 Messanie St.. Saint Joseph, MO

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On the corner of Belt and Messanie for over 30 years

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Stop in to Belt Alignment today. Discuss the options in custom wheels for your car. We carry wheels for

SUVs, most makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks. You can have that excellent look without

any worry when you choose us. Let our highly trained technicians handle your wheel purchase today.

Custom wheel never looked so good

We're your top source for custom 13 inch to 28 inch wheels. Expect outstanding rates, too.

Let us personalize your vehicle for you. You'll find the wheels you

need, and much more, at our shop. We are the largest wheel

alignment facility in the area. Expect affordable rates and expert

installation. You'll also find lift kits, hydraulics, fabrication,

suspension, and audio systems available for your car. Check out

our auto repairs and don't forget to get an alignment with your

tire or wheel purchase.

Expect superior workmanship from our team

Get an appointment with us for custom wheels today.