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If your vehicle's air conditioning system is no longer working the way it should to keep you cool, call Belt Alignment. We offer both air conditioning and heating system repairs. Let us figure out what's wrong and get your vehicle back to working at its very best. If you've noticed your fuel costs are rising and your car isn't cooling down when you turn on the A/C, it's time to bring it in for repairs.

Let us handle your auto A/C service

Count on our licensed professionals to provide you with superior service on all of your air conditioning and heating needs.

• System inspections

• Electrical system repairs

• Re-charging

• Full A/C repairs

• Heating system repairs

We can provide full A/C service, including:

When you hire Belt Alignment to handle your air conditioning or heating system repairs, you get fast, reliable service from licensed technicians. We get the job done on time and at a competitive rate. You can turn to us for all of your repair needs, including tune-ups.

Don't put off repairs that could be fast and affordable

Keep your car running well. Call us for an A/C or heating appointment today.